Per Executive Board action effective Monday, May 18th face coverings / masks will be mandatory inside the hall at dispatch times. 

Mechanic Board:

6:25am and 3:55pm

Per JPLRC: starting May 18th, wearing face coverings / masks will be mandatory on terminal buses and auto-vans.

Leroy Strub (60938) passed away 5/13/2020.

Arturo Arbuleda (8001) passed away 5/17/2020.

Sign Up Sheet

Those interested in Crane Demo at Pier 3, please contact the secretaries to sign up. Work will entail welding, air arcing and cutting at heights from man-baskets. We will also assist in rigging to bring pieces to the ground. Dates will be determined. 


Pull Date: 6/4/2020


May 25, 2020

Revised Local 23 dispatch times

May 20, 2020

Limited Industry Travel Reinstated 5/30

May 5, 2020

Local 23 letter to Governor Inslee

May 5, 2020

Updated PGP rules and eligibility (Class A & B)

April 23, 2020

President's Report - April 2020

April 10, 2020

Revised list phone dispatch